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Introducing eNotch

Notch your tag using the GoOutdoorsVA mobile app — even without cell service!

The GoOutdoorsVA mobile app will allow for electronic tagging of bear, deer, and turkey that will work even when offline. GoOutdoorsVA has always allowed customers to electronically store and carry their licenses, tags and validations on their smart phone or tablet, and now you can “eNotch” your harvest as well.

How do I tag a bear, deer, or turkey with GoOutdoorsVA?

Similar to tagging your harvest by “notching” your paper tag, use the eNotch option on the GoOutdoorsVA mobile app to electronically notch your tag. Select the license holder and indicate the desired tag. You will be immediately prompted to confirm your harvest by answering a few simple questions. Once you save and submit, your harvest is recorded and a confirmation number will be assigned. View your harvest in your mobile history or sync your licenses to see the tags and corresponding confirmation numbers.

What if I don’t have cell service?

Recording the harvest in the app will work even when you are offline. The harvest will automatically be submitted when cell service is available.

How does the mobile app know what tags I have?

In order to use eNotch, you must add your license and tags in the mobile app using the My Licenses feature. You can also add licenses for others in GoOutdoorsVA, such as licenses and tags for family members. After successfully notching a harvest, you should sync your licenses to make sure that you are always up-to-date.

What if I have DPOP, DCAP, DMAP tags?

As DPOP, DCAP, and DMAP tags are provided outside of your Go Outdoors customer account, you cannot eNotch these tags in the mobile app.

What if I’m license exempt?

Sorry, you must have licenses and tags to use eNotch. But even if you are license exempt, you can use your Go Outdoors customer account to confirm your harvest online or over the phone. Simply use your DWR Customer ID and select “None/No tag required” during the harvest confirmation process.

What happens if my phone dies and I can’t show my electronic license, tag or validation?

Hunters are required to have and display a license and/or tag while in the field. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have enough battery or an external battery source to power your phone to validate your harvest and show your license or tag. Note that even when they are in the field and without cell reception, Virginia Conservation Police Officers will be able to see information about licenses and tags you purchased and to check your confirmation number.

What about paper tags?

You can still record your harvest on your paper tags if you choose. We prefer that you pick either paper or electronic reporting and stick with it throughout the hunting season. Regardless of the method you use, unless you report your harvest as license exempt, your harvest history will appear in your Go Outdoors account.