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Leading the Way for Wildlife Conservation: A Year in Review

DWR works every day to sustain Virginia’s natural resources and promote outdoor opportunities for the public. Here’s a look back on the successes and unforgettable events that have shaped our 2023!

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Conserve. Connect. Protect.

DWR has been a steward of the outdoors since 1916, leading in wildlife conservation and inspiring people to value the outdoors and their role in nature.

How Do We Fund What We Do?

You might be surprised to know that Virginia DWR is primarily funded from sources other than Virginia general tax dollars.

A lot of our funding to help conserve wildlife and habitat comes from public spending on things like fishing and hunting licenses, tags, or stamps, boat registrations, and via a federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition.

Those sources of financial support have helped us protect hundreds of species and their habitat for over 100 years, but there’s always more we can do for Virginia’s wildlife. That’s where you come in. You too can become a steward of the outdoors by supporting our work or working with us — whether you hunt, fish, and boat or simply enjoy the outdoors.

How You Can Help
The Outdoors Are Better Together

Contribute to a Cause

Your contributions can help us restore wildlife habitat when you become a Restore the Wild member or connect youth to the outdoors through the Virginia Wildlife Grant Program!

Volunteer & Mentorship

Whether you volunteer with us, take the time to mentor a new hunter, or refer a friend to go hunting or fishing, you can make a difference!

Virginia Wildlife Magazine

In the January–February 2024 issue…

The heartening conservation success story of the American oystercatcher leads the January/February issue, which also features an essay on winter trout fishing, a look at a unique fish library, and an explanation of the work enabled by the National Forest Stamp. Learn more about the muskrat in a feature article about the species, and learn how adding wood duck boxes can help boost the population of that species. Finally, take a glimpse into DWR's 2023 Annual Report.

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Your purchases support the Virginia Wildlife Grant Program, connecting kids to the outdoors.