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Virginia Wildlife Magazine

Virginia Wildlife is your ticket to learning more about Virginia’s spectacular wildlife, fisheries, and breathtaking habitats. Whether you hunt, fish, boat, camp, or take in the wildlife from your easy chair, Virginia Wildlife offers you stories and insight on the natural world, supplied by the state’s leading wildlife and outdoor experts.

May – June 2024 Issue

Cover: Two young raccoons in a tree at Shenandoah National Park. Photo by National Park Service

Wildlife Aren't Pets

Keeping wild animals captive can result in threats to public safety, inhumane conditions for the animals, and stress for wildlife professionals.

Fish Physiology: What Is It and How Can It Help You Catch Fish?

Understanding how fish perceive their world can help you make better choices when planning a day of fishing.

In Praise of a Bird-Filled Childhood

Sparking a love of nature in children can give them a lifelong passion.

Fantastic, Freaky Fast, and Furious

The amazing ruby-throated hummingbird enchants for many reasons.

I Caught One This Small!

A new trend of targeting the smallest fish in the water might have different goals, but results in many of the same rewards.