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Virginia Wildlife Magazine

Virginia Wildlife is your ticket to learning more about Virginia’s spectacular wildlife, fisheries, and breathtaking habitats. Whether you hunt, fish, boat, camp, or take in the wildlife from your easy chair, Virginia Wildlife offers you stories and insight on the natural world, supplied by the state’s leading wildlife and outdoor experts.

January – February 2024 Issue

Cover: An American oystercatcher perches on an oyster reef at low tide. Photo by Maxis Gamez

Consider the Shell Half Full for American Oystercatchers

Thanks to forward-thinking conservationists, Virginia’s barrier islands have the largest nesting population of oystercatchers on the East Coast.

Waiting for the Light

January fly fishing in the Blue Ridge has its own unique beauty and rewards.

Footing the Bill: Virginia’s National Forest Stamp at Work

The few dollars that hunters, anglers, and trappers spend each year on a National Forest Stamp go a long way when putting habitat work on the ground.

A Library Like No Other

The species on display at the Nunnally Ichthyology Collection are a remarkable record of fishes over time and across Virginia.

Install a Wood Duck Box

Adding this artificial nesting habitat to your property can be a great way help local wood ducks, but placement and maintenance are the keys to success.

Living the Swamp Life

Muskrats are a rarely seen but fascinating rodent.

DWR 2023 Annual Report

A look at Fiscal Year 2023 for the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.