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Virginia Wildlife Magazine Archive

May – June 2024 Issue

Cover: Two young raccoons in a tree at Shenandoah National Park. Photo by National Park Service

Wildlife Aren't Pets

Keeping wild animals captive can result in threats to public safety, inhumane conditions for the animals, and stress for wildlife professionals.

Fish Physiology: What Is It and How Can It Help You Catch Fish?

Understanding how fish perceive their world can help you make better choices when planning a day of fishing.

In Praise of a Bird-Filled Childhood

Sparking a love of nature in children can give them a lifelong passion.

Fantastic, Freaky Fast, and Furious

The amazing ruby-throated hummingbird enchants for many reasons.

I Caught One This Small!

A new trend of targeting the smallest fish in the water might have different goals, but results in many of the same rewards.

March – April 2024 Issue

Cover: A spring gobbler struts his stuff. ©Mike Roberts

The Rapidan Runs Through It

The public land offerings in the Rapidan River area are rich with history and opportunities for fans of wild places.

Spring Turkeys Take Time

Decades of experience and wisdom play a role in a remarkable day of spring turkey season success.

Spying on the Neighbors

A breeding pair of red-shouldered hawks provided this photographer with an intimate look into their life cycle.

Clean Water Has Shaped Jeff Kelble’s Life

The angler and conservationist has taken a stand for the river that’s been central to his life.

Be Aware of Alpha-gal Syndrome

Before you head outdoors this spring and summer, learn more about this unusual tick-borne syndrome.

How Did Indigenous Peoples Catch Fish?

Virginia’s plentiful freshwater fish populations have fed residents for thousands of years, with ingenious methods being used to capture them.

January – February 2024 Issue

Cover: An American oystercatcher perches on an oyster reef at low tide. Photo by Maxis Gamez

Consider the Shell Half Full for American Oystercatchers

Thanks to forward-thinking conservationists, Virginia’s barrier islands have the largest nesting population of oystercatchers on the East Coast.

Waiting for the Light

January fly fishing in the Blue Ridge has its own unique beauty and rewards.

Footing the Bill: Virginia’s National Forest Stamp at Work

The few dollars that hunters, anglers, and trappers spend each year on a National Forest Stamp go a long way when putting habitat work on the ground.

A Library Like No Other

The species on display at the Nunnally Ichthyology Collection are a remarkable record of fishes over time and across Virginia.

Install a Wood Duck Box

Adding this artificial nesting habitat to your property can be a great way help local wood ducks, but placement and maintenance are the keys to success.

Living the Swamp Life

Muskrats are a rarely seen but fascinating rodent.

DWR 2023 Annual Report

A look at Fiscal Year 2023 for the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

November – December 2023 Issue

Cover: A Virginia elk bugles. Photo by Mike Roberts

The Bugle is Back

Virginia's elk restoration is a resounding success.

The White Oak Crisis

The decline of this hardwood species that's so essential for wildlife habitat is causing concern.

Where Have All the Hunters Gone?

The steady decline in numbers of licensed deer hunters poses significant challenges in the management strategies for white-tailed deer.

Explore the Wild at Fairystone Farms WMA

Fairystone Farms Wildlife Management Area offers not only excellent hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching opportunities, but also an extremely unique geological feature.

A Tale of Two Endangered Species

As the Endangered Species Act marks its 50th anniversary, wildlife conservationists celebrate its remarkable achievements and reflect on what has yet to be done.

September – October 2023 Issue

Cover: A smallmouth bass. Photo by Eric Engbretson Underwater Photography

Renovations Bring Front Royal Fish Cultural Station’s History into the Future

Extensive updating of the fish hatchery’s infrastructure aims to help the historic facility replenish smallmouth bass populations in local river systems.

Citizens Turn Green Pastures Recreation Area into a Miracle in the Mountains

Southwest Virginia’s Green Pastures Recreation Area was a safe haven for Black families during segregation, before falling into disrepair. Then came a massive grassroots effort to retell its story—and reopen its gates.

Dr. Mitchell A. Byrd Has Left an Enduring Legacy in the Sky

In more than 50 years of wildlife conservation work, this educator has helped shape generations of bird populations and students.

Why I Tie Flies

I started tying flies as a way to escape. I’ve continued doing it because I learned so much more.

Crayfish Play a Vital Role in Virginia’s Waters

The Commonwealth’s freshwaters are home to more than 30 different species of crayfish.

Living Shorelines Work with Water, Not Against It

Using natural materials and strategies to prevent tidal shoreline erosion helps humans and wildlife.

July – August 2023 Issue

Cover: Michael Hundley of Colonial Beach, Virginia, captured this great blue heron trying to make a small snapping turtle a meal. The heron made several attempts, but the turtle ended up dropping back into the water and escaping!

Virginia Fauna

Native birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and fish.

Textures and Patterns

Textures and patterns found in nature.

Trail Cameras

Images that reveal the secret lives of our native wildlife.

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May – June 2023 Issue

Cover: Juvenile Appalachian monkeyface mussels ready for release. Photo by Meghan Marchetti/DWR

Saving the Appalachian Monkeyface

Staff at DWR's Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Center are working to preserve a species on the brink of extinction.

Putting the "Us" in Fly Fishing

Joan Chapman started a group for women who wanted to learn to fly fish. Now she's recruiting the next generation of anglers.

Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve Has Created a Landscape for Learning

Decades after a Portsmouth community banded together to save one of their city's last wild spaces, the Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve has become a platform for year-round conservation, research, education, recreation, and stewardship initiatives.

Expand Your Boundaries: Try Kayak Fishing

Fishing from a kayak is a great way to reach new waters.

DWR's Eastern Shore Initiative Will Benefit Wildlife and Virginians

The agency's purchase of thousands of acres of land opens up opportunities for wildlife recreation and habitat management.

March – April 2023 Issue

Cover: A female hooded merganser prepares to swallow a gizzard shad. Photo by David Stimac

Learning to Love Mud Shad

Anglers don't see much of this unassuming fish species, but they play a critical role for Virginia's sport fisheries.

Let the Rivers Flow

Removing dams from Virginia's waterways restores them to healthy habitat for aquatic wildlife.

Golden Oldies - Five Classic Lures Your Grandfather Used that Still Work

Anglers are always looking for the next best thing, but classic lures designed decades ago still do the trick.

Know Before You Go Boating

Being aware of what weather is on the way can help make your day of boating safer.

Finding Fish in Urban Northern Virginia

Don't let views of a highway stop you - urban fishing in Northern Virginia is surprisingly productive.

Finding Ecological Answers and Educating at The Clifton Institute

This northern Virginia nonprofit seeks to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards, restore habitat, and conserve biodiversity.

January – February 2023 Issue

Cover: A golden eagle stands over prey in winter. Photo by Shutterstock

Discovering Virginia's Golden Eagles

In just 14 years, the golden eagle has gone from virtually unknown in Virginia to a species with a vast amount of data to inform future management decisions.

Check Your Heart

Even a frigid day that ends empty-handed is a great one when ducks fly.

Saving the Hidden Fish

Meet the nonprofit working to help safeguard Virginia's freshwater legacy.

The Incredible Journeys of High-Mileage Great Blue Herons

Some of these awkwardly elegant birds are residents to Virginia, but some are just passing through.

Communicating About Conservation: What's in it for Me?

Building support for conservation among diverse interest groups requires good storytelling and great messages about why the science matters.

November – December 2022 Issue

Cover: Two braces of ducks (left to right, a female mallard, black duck, male gadwall, and female gadwall). Photo by Wade Troung

Why Wild Game?

A noted chef explains how his perspective on food shifted when he started hunting.

Winter Wolves: Virginia's Apex Predator Fish

These maddeningly elusive fish make for a memorable angling experience.

What a Hat Isn't Just a Hat

The Virginia Wildlife Grant Program seeks to help connect everyone with the outdoors.

Managing Hardwoods for Wildlife on WMAs

Timber harvesting on Wildlife Management Areas is an essential tool for wildlife habitat management for many reasons.

Robin Clark Will Leave a Legacy of Helping Others Overcome

The avid hunter and angler has worked for decades to make the outdoors accessible for all.

Neighbors Join Forces to Build a Quail-Friendly Wildlife Corridor

Patience, hard work, and the array of resources available to landowners in Virginia help to create a remarkable piece of habitat.

September – October 2022 Issue

Cover: Brook trout by Patrick Clayton/Engbretson Underwater Photography

Cool, Clear Water is Key for the Brook Trout’s Future

While Virginia’s charismatic state fish is facing some challenges, efforts are underway to help it thrive.

Environmental DNA is an Exciting New Tool for Biologists

Analysis of DNA found in water can help track species and assist in their conservation.

Fantastic Fungus

Mushrooms bring an intriguing pop of color to the woods.

The Shop Time Forgot

For four decades, Phil Evans of Rod & Reel Repair has been part of the heart of Northern Virginia’s angling community.

Marsh Magic

The vegetation in Virginia’s tidal fresh marshes fuels a wide variety of wildlife.

The Clinch River is the Crown Jewel of the First Blueway State Park

Development of the Clinch River State Park will provide Virginians with an opportunity to enjoy even more of the most biologically diverse river in the northern hemisphere.

July – August 2022 Issue

Cover: Lori Cash of Hampton wins the cover with her touching Virginia Fauna entry of a red fox vixen being nuzzled by one of her kits.

Virginia Fauna

Native birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and insects.

Textures and Patterns

Textures and patterns found in nature.

Trail Cameras

Images that reveal the secret lives of our native wildlife.

Celebrate Virginia's Native Plants

Plants that are native to the fields, forests, and waterways of Virginia.

May – June 2022 Issue

Cover: A prescribed burn in Big Woods WMA. Photo by Meghan Marchetti/DWR

Good Fire on the Mountain

Deploying prescribed fire has significant benefits for wildlife and their habitats.

Marshall McDonald Left His Legacy in Virginia’s Fisheries

The inventions and ideas of this 19th century fisheries commissioner made an impact that’s still visible today.

Explore the Wild with Primitive Camping on Wildlife Management Areas

Primitive camping is another way to enjoy Wildlife Management Areas.

Awaken the Senses While Float Fishing

Spending time floating down the river can connect you to the sights, sounds, and smells of the natural world.

Leonard Lee Rue III Captures Wildlife Like No Other

The legendary wildlife photographer, videographer, and author has lived a fascinating life and made an impact on the world of wildlife conservation.

The Spawning Behavior of Smallmouth Bass

As Virginia’s waters warm, this popular sport fish begins to reproduce.

March – April 2022 Issue

Cover: A Shenandoah salamander (Plethodon shenandoah) crawls toward the photographer. Photo by Ann and Rob Simpson

A Search for the Living Jewels of the Appalachian Mountains

Virginia hosts more than 50 species of salamanders, all unique and fascinating creatures that are often overlooked.

Keeping Up with the Peregrines

The live stream video of a breeding pair of peregrine falcons is entertaining and educational for the public, but also provides valuable data for biologists.

No Turkey Yet

Hunting turkey isn't easy. It takes time in the woods and lots of patience.

Using Small Spaces to Support Pollinators

The Virginia Department of Transportation is taking advantage of roadside sites to plant pollinator-friendly vegetation.

Citizen Science is a Great Way to Connect Kids to Nature

Getting children engaged with the natural world expands their horizons.

Dynamic, Dazzling Darters

These bright, unique fish are often overlooked in Virginia's waters, but they're fun to find.

January – February 2022 Issue

Cover: A juvenile red-tailed hawk awaits its opportunity to hunt. Photo by Meghan Marchetti

Falconry Gives a Front Row View of Nature at Work

The ancient art of hunting with raptors requires dedication and passion for the sport and the birds.

Catching Up with Jim Crumley

The creator of Trebark camouflage turned an idea into an empire, but he still enjoys the simple life in Virginia.

Seldom Seen: Virginia's Flying Squirrels

These nocturnal, gliding rodents are as fascinating as they are elusive.

Caught on Camera: Game on WMAs

Trail cameras show ample populations of game species on Wildlife Management Areas.

Eels Keep the Mystery Alive

Eels have baffled us for millenia, but now we know enough to help them survive.

November – December 2021 Issue

Cover: A lesser scaup is one of many types of waterfowl that can be hunted. Photo by B.N. Singh

Marvin's 1100

A classic gun evokes memories of an early morning mishap.

Menace of the Marsh

Nutria, an invasive rodent species, threatens Virginia's wetland wildlife habitats.

DWR's PALS Program is a Great Way to Explore the Wild

The PALS program opened up new hunting opportunities in Southwest Virginia for this avid outdoorsman.

Old Bucks are Different

Mature white-tailed bucks can be crafty and elusive; these tips can help you outwit them.

Elk in Virginia

After nine years, a herd of more than 275 elk is doing well in Virginia.

Biodiversity is on Display at the State Arboretum of Virginia

The trees and plants of the State Arboretum and Blandy Farm provide a home for wildlife and research.

September – October 2021 Issue

Cover: A Rapidan River brook trout captured in mid-fight. Photo by Kyle LaFerriere

Give Tenkara a Try

This ancient technique of fly fishing is simple, elegant, and effective.

Your Trout Stocking Questions Answered

Anglers have questions, and the DWR fisheries staff has answers.

The Life Cycle of an Eastern Brook

See how this colorful and unique species reproduces.

David Turner Brings the Wild to Life in Bronze

This sculptor combines his artistic talent and passion for wildlife conservation to create remarkable pieces.

The Sensory Explorers' Trail Allows Everyone to Enjoy the Outdoors

Innovative details engage all the senses on this unique trail at Sky Meadows State Park.

From Delicacy to Decline: A Tale of the Diamond-backed Terrapin

The Northern diamond-backed terrapin has played an interesting role in the culture and history of Virginia's shore over the centuries.


Working for Wildlife, Explore Enjoy WMA profile, and the columns A Walk in the Woods, Off the Leash, Photo Tips, Fare Game, and Good Reads.

July – August 2021 Issue

Cover: Wally Pendleton of North Chesterfield wins the cover with his gorgeous Virginia Fauna entry of a luna moth resting on caladium. Nikon D7100 DSLR camera, Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 ED VRlens, ISO 320, 1/100, f/8.

Virginia Fauna

Native birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and insects.

Textures and Patterns

Textures and patterns found in nature.

Trail Cameras

Images that reveal the secret lives of our native wildlife.

What's Your Wild?

Photographers share images that reveal how they feel in touch with nature and the outdoors.

May – June 2021 Issue

Cover: A wood turtle swims in a stream, searching for food. Photo by Steven David Johnson

Shell Game

Illegal trade in freshwater turtles and tortoises is a bigger problem than many realize.

Reconnecting to the Outdoors During COVID

The pandemic sparked new and renewed interest in outdoor recreation.

See Below the Surface

River Snorkeling gives a fascinating and educational perspective to Virginia's fish.

Tie on a Streamer!

Try one of these 12 top streamer flies and great tactics for a fun, effective day of fishing.

Explore the Wild with the Virginia Bird and Wildlife Trail

Virginia's unique guide for viewing wildlife enters its third decade.

What You Need to Know About Sarcoptic Mange in Black Bears

Reporting an animal with this highly contagious skin disease is the best course of action.


Working for Wildlife, the Angler Hall of Fame, and the columns A Walk in the Woods, On the Water, Photo Tips, Fare Game, and Good Reads.

March – April 2021 Issue

Cover: An Atlantic sturgeon breaches in the James River at Richmond. Photo by Rob Sabatini

Ghosts No More

How a coordinated approach has helped Atlantic sturgeon rebound in Virginia's rivers.

Hunting Changed Lock Dolinger's Life

Outdoor pursuits have helped this teenager adjust to rural Virginia life after adoption from China.

Nature Where You Least Expect it

In highly developed Hampton Roads, a trio of distinctive green spaces provide critical wildlife habitat, foster healthy communities, and spur neighborhood revitalization.

Wildflowers and Foxes - A Unique Connection

A photo essay about how wildflowers and foxes have a beautiful connection that not many folks know about.

Virginia's Unsung Catfishes

They might not be flashy or massive, but madtoms are essential in Virginia's waters.

10 Tactics for Quiet Toms

It helps to have a variety of strategies to try when gobblers go silent.

January – February 2021 Issue

Cover: Ritual courtship display of common terns. Photo by Shutterstock/Sergey Uryadnikov

If You Build It, They Will Come

How DWR relocated Virginia's largest seabird colony on a tight timeline.

Reading Sign to Find River Otters

These curious creatures are enchanting, but elusive.

An Expert at Age 11

Kavon Norris made earning his Expert Angler certificate a goal, but he's just getting started.

Of Bear Cubs, Restless Winters, and Research

How GOS collars are helping orphaned bear cubs and improving biologists' understanding of bears in Virginia's Piedmont region.

Make a Different Mentoring

A youth outdoor club can be an excellent way to introduce young people to hunting.

Adventure Awaits

Exploring the wild with a public land adventure trip can be extremely rewarding.

Farewell, Spike

A tribute to noted artist and author Carl "Spike" Knuth.

November – December 2020 Issue

Cover: A white-tailed doe tries to hide in a frosty field. Photo by Tommy Kirk

Amy Barr Enjoys the Art of the Hunt

This single mother taught herself how to hunt after age 40 and values the peace she finds in the woods.

2020 White-tailed Deer & Waterfowl Forecast

DWR biologists share their insights on deer and waterfowl seasons based on current data, weather impacts, and field observations.

Dr. Mamie A. Parker Wants to Make Room for Everyone Outdoors

This DWR board member has made conservation her life's work.

Preston Thompson Carves Decoys that Work and Win

This Essex County artist creates works of art that also work in the field.

A Dog Unlike Any Other

These hunting breeds from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany definitely stand out.

The Common Raven is Anything But Ordinary

Get to know this remarkably adaptive and resilient bird known for its acrobatic flight and intelligence.

Bow Hunting in the Burbs

The DWR urban archery season helps manage deer populations in densely populated areas.

September – October 2020 Issue

Cover: "I was very impressed with this fish's face because of the striking tiger spots and the blue cheek that big male brown trout often exhibit," said photographer Patrick Clayton of Engbretson Underwater Photography

DWR Trout Stocking Explained

What goes into the Department of Wildlife Resources' trout-stocking program?

#VATroutSlam Tales

A look at some of the anglers who accomplished the Virginia Trout Slam Challenge.

Four-Legged Enforcers and Friend

The nine dogs of the DWR K9 Conservation Police force serve Virginia with unique skills and a wag of the tail.

A New Mindset for the 21st Century Bird Hunter

The 21st century Virginia upland bird hunter has to develop a new mindset to enjoy the sport.

Fast and Furious: Fall Hawk Migration

Bird enthusiasts in the Commonwealth flock to mountaintop sites to watch the annual spectacle of hawk migration.

Mixed News After 10 Years of White-Nose Syndrome

Virginia's bat populations have seen significant declines in certain species after a decade of white-nose syndrome, but other species seem stable.

July – August 2020 Issue

Cover: Edward Episcopo captured this image of an egret in the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in April of 2019. "I especially enjoy the beautiful images in the Photography Showcase issue, so I'm honored to have one of my photos on the cover," he said.

Virginia Fauna

Native mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, and aquatic life.

Textures and Patterns

Textures and patterns found in nature.

Trail Cameras

Images that reveal the secret lives of our native wildlife.

Virginia is for Outdoor Lovers

To celebrate last year's 50th anniversary for the Virginia is for Lovers slogan, this category is for images of people enjoying our state and national parks, as well as DWR's wildlife management areas.

May – June 2020 Issue

Cover: In more than 25 years observing and photographing ospreys throughout the Southeast, I have never see one of these remarkable raptors tackle such a large fish like the one featured on this month's cover, writes photographer Todd Pusser

Goin’ to the River

The author, noted conservationist, educator, and naturalist John Page Williams, shares some of his favorite spots on Virginia’s rivers, full of beauty, wildlife, and history.

Birdwatching Opportunities Abound at Hog Island Wildlife Management Area

For diversity and abundance of species, it’s hard to beat the bird-watching at Hog Island Wildlife Management Area.

Bringing the Bass Back to Back Bay

Fifty years ago, anglers pulled largemouth bass out of Back Bay by the handful, but then it all ended. Now, Back Bay is bouncing back.

Rehabilitators Fill a Vital Role for Wildlife

Wildlife rehabilitators help injured and orphaned wildlife transition back to their natural habitat.

Grab a Paddle and Go!

If you paddle, Virginia is full of opportunities. The print magazine article includes five great destinations to check out, and there are five more at the link below!

Conservation at Work: Get to Know Sarah Colletti

Sarah Colletti is putting a lifetime of outdoor experience and advocacy to work for Virginia’s natural resources, including freshwater mussel propagation and restoration.

Photographing the Night Sky

DGIF’s Digital Outreach Coordinator David Murr shares his passion for night sky photography and gives a few tips on how to get started capturing the wonders of the nightscape.

And More in the Columns...

Regular columns Off the Leash, A Walk in the Woods, Let’s Grow Native, Out & About, and Fare Game cover humor, observing the natural world, planting native habitat, a recipe from noted chef Wade Truong, and more.

March – April 2020 Issue

Cover: Writer and photographer Mike Roberts' striking portrait of a wild turkey was the perfect choice for the cover of this issue, which also features his photo essay of the spring turkey woods. © Mike Roberts.

Download Issue (PDF)

Who Needs a Boat?

With so many fishing piers around the state, Virginia offers numerous opportunities for anglers without needing a boat!

Spring Turkey Woods

A visit to the spring woods is not only for hunting that big gobbler; it is also a time to take in nature's beauty as the forest comes alive.

Hatcheries Make Fish Happen

DGIF raises a variety of fish at nine hatcheries across the state. Stop in at one to see what goes into raising and stocking fish.

There's More to Mushrooms than Morels

If you want to try another type of harvesting, why not make it for edible mushrooms? Find a mentor and enoy the hunt.

One Shot Brings Samantha McInteer Full Circle

She might be young but this lady has it going on! The One Shot Turkey Hunt brings this teenager a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

January – February 2020 Issue

Cover: A chocolate Labrador retriever enjoys a day of shed hunting. © Tommy Kirkland

Download Issue (PDF)

Giving a Helping Hand to Bluebirds

Members of the Virginia Bluebird Society build nest boxes to keep bluebirds happy. Learn how to build your own bluebird box.

Soldier, Coach, and Mentor

A retired Marine’s dedication to archery and teaching impacts countless kids.

Warm Up to Yellow Perch!

Don’t let cold weather keep you from enjoying the best time of the year for catching big, tasty yellow perch!

Searching for Sheds

Put on your hiking boots and go outdoors for a fun family activity that also provides valuable lessons in the great outdoors.

Tie One Off This Winter

Winter is a great time of the year to stock up on trout flies by tying your own. Why not give it a try?

November – December 2019 Issue

Cover: After a fierce battle, this buck turns to his awaiting prize. Photo by Tes Jolly

Download Issue (PDF)

Deer & Waterfowl Forecasts

DGIF biologists share their insights on deer and waterfowl seasons based on current data, weather impacts, and field observations.

In Memory of Deer Camp

Fond memories of deer camp continue to instill a love for the outdoors and the people who shared it.

Savoring the Seasons

While hunting, or just being in the woods, allow your senses to reveal the beautiful and intriguing natural world around you.

Save the Quail

A labor of love, landowners work hard to create more habitat for declining quail and pollinator populations.

Master V Angler

Faster than line peeling off a reel, more powerful than a 46-lb. flathead catfish, able to catch the most citations in Virginia... It's MASTER V Angler Stephen Miklandric!

Three Seasons for Success

If you learn to use the wind, terrain, and food sources in your favor, you can harvest trophy deer in all three deer hunting seasons.

September – October 2019 Issue

Cover: J.D. Kleopfer poses with a common snapping turtle. Photo by Meghan Marchetti/DGIF

Download Issue (PDF)

New Regulations to Protect Virginia's Snapping Turtles

Declining snapping turtle populations called for protective measures.

Virginia's "New" Smith River

Trophy trout abound in these productive tailwaters.

In Pursuit of the Mystery Marsh Bird

A kayak can offer a stealthy option when hunting for the elusive rail.

Fox Squirrels on the Rebound

Expanding populations of fox squirrels offer new hunting opportunities around the state.

Window on the Marsh

A thoughtful gift awakens memories of cherished times.

2020 Trout Program Maps

Fisheries biologists share the latest trout fishing locations.

July – August 2019 Issue

Cover: A male bluebird, with food for his chicks, is about to land on a nest box when this image was captured using multiple flashes to freeze the action. Photo by Randy Steufert, Lorton.

Download Issue (PDF)

Virginia Fauna

Native mammals and birds (game and non-game), Year of the Bird 2018, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and aquatic life.

Virginia Landscapes and Flora

Scenic landscapes and native flowers, trees, shrubs, and plants, including mushrooms and lichens.

The Sporting Life

Wildlife-related activities afield (game and non-game).

Textures and Patterns

Textures and patterns found in nature.

Trail Cameras

Images that reveal the secret lives of our native wildlife.

May – June 2019 Issue

Cover: Nothing says summer like fishing for bluegill and other panfish. Photo by Eric Engbretson

Download Issue (PDF)

Top Dog

Winning the National Open Championship is no small task, but a retriever named Google proves to be the ultimate search engine!

A Smorgasbord of Tips for Catching Summer Panfish

Tips for filling your cooler with an assortment of tasty panfish.

Bird Life

Citizen science reaches new heights at Goshen Wildlife Management Area.

Start a Nature Journal

Journaling has a history of teaching a person to really see what's around them. Why not give it a try?

Working Together

In partnership with Massanutten Resort, DGIF is working to minimize human-bear conflicts.

"Eye" Want You to Know

Take some precautions to help make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable.

Take It to the Bank

Don't have a boat? No worries. Good fishing can be had along a shoreline.

March – April 2019 Issue

Call of the Wild

After a 45-year career in wildlife, our Executive Director Bob Duncan writes a memorable goodbye.

The Wily Coyote

One of the most adaptable animals in North America, the coyote plays a necessary role in Virginia and is here to stay.

Grassroots: A Story of Virginia's Working Landscapes

Landowners are partnering with organizations and citizen scientists to create landscapes that promote biodiversity.

Special Regulation Trout: Something for Everyone

A look at five of the numerous rivers and streams designated as "special regulation,

Seldom Seen: spring is for Spotted Salamanders

In the chill of early spring, spotted salamanders play out a rarely observed, age-old drama.

Working Together

Teaming up with Ducks Unlimited, DGIF works to improve wildlife habitat on the Princess Anne and Hog Island WMAs.

Hunting Spring Gobblers 101

Want to try spring gobbler hunting? Check out this article on how to get started.

January – February 2019 Issue

Cover: The adaptable bobcat lives throughout Virginia. Photo by Rue Wildlife Photos

Download Issue (PDF)

Masters of Adaptation

A top predator, the elusive bobcat is more widespread in Virginia than one might imagine.

The Pioneers

Early and influential inhabitants of the Eastern Shore changed a way of thinking by using conservation to protect hunting for all.

On the Road for Kestrels

A surprising decline in this once-common falcon sends volunteers out to give them a place to raise their young.

Fishing Season is Almost Here!

Now's the time to clean out the old tackle box, respool the reels, and get ready for another great fishing season.

Virginia's Most Mysterious Birds

You might be surprised to discover the variety of owls that make Virginia home. And whoooo doesn't love owls?

Manage Forests for Diversity

Timbering a forest might look bad but, if managed properly, has been proven to offer many benefits to a wide variety of wildlife.

November – December 2018 Issue

Cover: A handsome, battle-worn buck watches from a frosty meadow. Photo by Ryan Yoder

Download Issue (PDF)

Deer & Waterfowl Forecast

DGIF biologists share their insights on deer and waterfowl seasons based on current data, weather impacts, and field observations.

Sanctuaries for Success

Think private resort with open buffet. One farmer-sportsman advocates for leaving the deer alone.

Bundle Up and Enjoy: Winter Striper Fishing

When temperatures dip, you may find lake conditions perfect for hooking a hefty striped bass.

Making Something Out of Nothing

A lifelong hunter turns his love for wildlife into creating treasures of folk art.

The Reigning King of the Southwest

Elk are calling all wildlife watchers to southwest Virginia, where the drama unfolds and the herd is thriving.

Then and Now

Waterfowlers consider how hunting has changed over time on the Eastern Shore, and urge mentors to step up.

Unintended Consequences of Fighting Pests

A cautionary tale explains how difficult it is to wage war on opponents that adapt and change.

September – October 2018 Issue

Cover: A female prothonotary warbler brings caterpillars to her young. Photo by Mike Roberts

Download Issue (PDF)

How Sweet Sweet Sweet It Is!

With support from the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, volunteers, and business partners, a citizen science project aims to help a magnificent songbird in the Roanoke River basin.

Hunting: A Foundation for Life

A childhood spent afield gives the author reason to reflect upon a simpler time, one that deeply shaped his values.

Women Afield: Finally

There are many reasons to cheer the trend of women's interest in hunting and fishing, and the outdoors industry takes note.

What's Up With Cobia?

Virginia is taking a lead in sound management of this game fish through multi-state coordination, tagging efforts, and citation data.

For the Love of Snakes

Snakes are given a bad rap, but a little knowledge and the right support group can help you overcome your fears.

The Evolution of Cute

Nature has endowed young wildlife with a number of strategies for survival, cuteness being one of them.

2019 Trout Maps

Fisheries biologists share the latest trout stocking locations.

July – August 2018 Issue

Cover: Laura McGranaghan and her husband went out for an evening stroll and spotted this beautiful Eastern red bat hanging from one of their cedar trees. Photo by Laura McGranaghan

Virginia Fauna

Native mammals (game and non-game), birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Virginia Landscapes

Native plants, trees, flowers, and scenic landscapes.

The Sporting Life

Wildlife-related activities afield (game and non-game).

Textures and Patterns

Abstract designs as textures and patterns found in nature.

May – June 2018 Issue

Cover: Photo by Clay Bolt

Lost Before Found

Scientists at the state's Natural Heritage Program scramble to build an inventory of native bees and protect those most at risk.

Prince Edward's Other Lake

Not far from Farmville sits a lake that rivals the largemouth bass fishing at Briery—especially in the citation range.

Mafic Fens: Diamonds of the Blue Ridge

Quiet dramas unfold in these seeps and stream bottoms, but their palette of spring colors and textures is unmatched.

What's Going On with the Butcher Bird?

Working with partners, DGIF biologists trap and band loggerhead shrikes to gain insight into the bird's decline.

All Four Seasons in One Day

It's tough enough for people, but think about the strategies animals must employ to deal with Virginia's weather.

Sit-on-Tops for Water Fun?

Follow these tips to get started and even work in a little fishing.

Do Blue Cats Deserve All the Hype?

The results are in and the answers lie in their stomach contents.

2017 Angler Hall of Fame & NASP Photo Gallery

Look who made the lists this year and take a peek at the winners of the state NASP tournament!

March – April 2018 Issue

Cover: Photo by Eric Angbretson

What It Takes

Ask most Conservation Police Officers and they will tell you, it's not a job but a lifestyle.

Saint Mary's Wilderness: An Ecosystem in Flux

If you're looking for pristine trout waters and wilderness surroundings, you will find it here.

Pollinator Waystation

Spurred by citizen action, a well-placed garden of native plants benefits commuters of every stripe.

A Tidal Wave of Success

Anglers and fisheries managers celebrate a successful comeback for largemouth bass in the lower Chickahominy River.

Gain the Home Court Advantage

A bit of behavioral analysis goes a long way toward successful pursuit of turkeys in the spring woods.

Seeing the Forest for the Carbon

Coming Soon: The business of carbon credit holds promise for conserving smaller woodland tracts.

Dog Days Afield

Those who train and field trial dogs are indeed a special breed.

4th Annual Old Dominion One Shot

January – February 2018 Issue

Cover: Preacher after a day of goose hunting. Photo by Ed Felker

Behind the Scenes: The Story of the January-February 2018 Cover

When Preacher jumped onto the truck fender and looked at the camera, Ed Felker knew he had his favorite image.

Bad Behavior or Just Birds Being Birds?

This story reminds us that birds can be brilliant, and ruthless, in their will to survive.

DIY for Better Wildlife Habitat

With a handful of minor changes, you can welcome more wildlife to your property.

A Globally Rare Virginia Jewel

Nestled amid the hubbub of Northern Virginia, a unique natural community beckons.

Paved New World: The Unexpected Biology of Urban Animals

As humans encroach upon their world, wild animals employ a number of strategies to adapt to our urban footprint.

A Slippery Slope

Virginia's Wildlife Action Plan calls attention to our most vulnerable species, including elusive salamanders.

Virginia Treasures

Governor McAuliffe's statewide initiative recognizes and protects land of exceptional conservation value.

Digital Archive at the Library of Virginia

Scanned copies of Virginia Wildlife Magazine from the early years, archived at the Library of Virginia.