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This section of the Department’s website provides quick and easy access to agency forms, including various license, permit, and boating registration & titling applications.

The majority of the forms listed are provided in PDF and require the free Adobe Reader program to view and print. Completed forms and associated fees, if applicable, should be mailed to the address listed on the form. If you have questions about a form, need assistance, or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

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Permit Forms

  1. Applicable fees are application fees which are non-refundable and payment must be made at the time of application. Payment must be in the form of a check or money order (credit cards are no longer accepted for permit application fees).
  2. Applications and application fees must be mailed to the Permits Section (mailing address is provided on the application form) except for the Bird Banding, Scientific Collection, Threatened and Endangered Species, and Salvage Permit applications which must be sent electronically to These four permits must have their applications sent electronically as they are shared with agency subject matter experts before they can be approved. The application fee for these four specific permits must be mailed in (to the address listed on the permit applications) along with a completed copy of the first page of the application form.
  3. All applications must be complete—please ensure that you have included all necessary information on your application as incomplete applications will be returned, unprocessed to the applicant.
  4. Permit applicants should allow for a minimum of thirty (30) days for the receipt and processing of all applications. Applicants for Bird Banding, Scientific Collection, Threatened and Endangered Species, and Salvage Permits should anticipate more than a thirty (30) day processing time for those permit applications as those have to be reviewed and approved by Department biologists prior to issuance.
  5. Completed applications include application fee payment and any other specifically required forms and/or documents (e.g., copies of Federal permits, annual reports, proof of rabies vaccination/titers, continuing education unit records, etc.).

Permits: Collecting, Holding, Exhibiting, and Releasing Wildlife

The Department enforces the laws, regulations, and guidelines governing the collection, holding, exhibiting, and release of wildlife by issuing permits and guidelines for these activities. Learn more.

License Forms

(* Form links with an asterisk meet the criteria for local treestand exemptions per §29.1-528.2 enacted in 2018.)

Boating Forms

Form Number Abbreviated Name of Form Use Forms Also Required
1 Application to Register & Title a Boat Application to register and title a new or used boat None
2 Certification for Boat Not Previously Registered To inform Department why a used boat has no previously issued registration numbers Form 1
3 Transfer when Owner is Deceased To change ownership when one or more of the owners have died Form 1
4 Transfer when Title or Bill of Sale Not Available To be used when new owner cannot obtain the title from the seller (for titled boats) Form 1
5 Transfer by Operation of Law To be used when the new owner received ownership by some operation of law such as bankruptcy, execution sale, court order, etc. Form 1
6 Transfer of Abandoned Boat To apply for ownership of a boat abandoned on your property for at least 60 days. Form 1
7 Transfer of Boats Found Estray and Adrift To apply for ownership of boats that have washed up on your property or found adrift on the public waters Form 1
8 Length Certification To report to the Department why the length of a used boat is different than the length on the existing registration Form 1
10 Change in Ownership or Registration Information To report to the Department when a boat is sold, abandoned, or destroyed, or when other information about the owner changes (address, military status, etc.) None
11 Duplicate and Replacement Registration Card, Decals, or Title Application to obtain additional registration cards or replacement decals or title None
12 Motor Change To report the change of a motor currently listed on the title (the new or old motor must be over 25 horsepower) Original Title
13 Watercraft Sales Tax Payment For use by those wishing to pay the 2% watercraft sales and use tax on boats they will not register with the Department (usually boats to be documented with the U.S. Coast Guard None
15 Ownership of Watercraft To be used to learn the owner name and address for a registered boat None
16 Power of Attorney for Registering/Titling and/or Transferring Ownership of a Vessel To give someone else authority to sign for you on official boat documents None
18 Report of a Stolen Boat/Motor/Trailer To notify the Department that a boat, boat motor, or boat trailer has been stolen None
19 Notification of Recovery of a Stolen Boat or Motor To notify the Department that a boat or motor that had been previously reported as stolen has been recovered None
21 Supplemental and Transfers of Liens Used by the lienholder to add a lien to a boat or report that an existing lien was transferred to a new lienholder. None
22 Statement of Repossession For the lienholder to notify the Department of repossession None
23 Court Ordered Liens To be used by government officials to report to the Department when a court ordered lien is placed on a boat None
Mechanic’s Liens For mechanics or shops to obtain authority to sell a boat when the owner does not pay for repairs None
25 Storage Liens For storage facilities and marinas to obtain authority to sell a boat when the owner does not pay for storage None
26 Vessel Search for Captain’s License To obtain information on all boats owned by an individual in support of their application for a U.S. Coast Guard captain license None
Commissioner’s Report of Change of Address Notification of change in address and/or county or city in Virginia where a numbered vessel is normally garaged, docked, or parked (Commissioner of the Revenue Use Only) None
Boating Accident Report To be used when a boat is involved in a reportable accident None
Regulatory Waterway Marker Application and Information (No Wake, Danger, Swimming Area, etc.) None

Watercraft Dealer Forms

Law Forms

(* Form links with an asterisk meet the criteria for local treestand exemptions per §29.1-528.2 enacted in 2018.)

Other Forms