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Virginia Wildlife Grant Program

The Virginia Wildlife Grant Program, launched in 2014, provides a funding source to non-profits, schools, and government agencies with a focus to connect youth to the outdoors and is a partnership effort between the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) and the Wildlife Foundation of Virginia. Support of the Grant Program is generated through the sale of gear and other merchandise from Shop DWR, fundraisers, and private/corporate contributions.

Program Stats from 2014–2021

  • 201 Projects Funded

  • $380,410 Total Funding

  • 53,140 Youth Reached

What Activities Have Been Funded?

  • Archery $49,300

  • Boating $43,000

  • Fishing $87,600

  • Hunting & Shooting Sports $70,900

  • Wildlife Viewing $123,700

New for 2021

  • Support for programs focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Making a deeper investment into fewer projects to create a bigger difference in each

  • Two-Year and Four-Year colleges and universities

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