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12th Basic Conservation Police Recruit Class Begins Training

By Molly Kirk

Photos by Meghan Marchetti/DWR

The 12th Basic Conservation Police Recruit Class began their 26-week academy on January 25. Recruits have been receiving classes on the history of the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR), the agency’s departments and work, basic wildlife, first aid, waterfowl identification, interview and interrogation, and defensive tactics.

The recruits have just completed Week 4 of training! Over the last two weeks their focuses was on defensive tactics. Recruits are taught de-escalation tactics, arrest procedures, hand control techniques, use of less-lethal weapons, and self-defense techniques, among other drills. Once in the field, these future officers usually work alone where almost all people they encounter are armed. Our Conservation Police Officers are excellent communicators and have been implementing de-escalation techniques long before there was an industry focus on this training.

Follow us on their journey to graduation over the next few months.

  • February 23, 2023