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From Real Property

DWR’s Real Property section has many different roles and responsibilities but the most notable are the acquisition of new properties and the stewardship of existing properties. The section is comprised of Real Property Manager, Daniel Boggs, and Real Property Agent, Shannon Parker. The team is ready to assist in the acquisition of new properties, whether it be for recreational or for habitat purposes. Once the property is in DWR’s inventory, the Real Property section maintains the Real Property records and manages land uses and leases.

We are happy to announce that DWR recently acquired two new parcels in the month of May. We acquired 1,600 acres (previously known as “Mapledale”) in Sussex County along the Nottoway River to be used as a stand-alone WMA. We also acquired 6 acres along the Clinch River and Copper Creek to be used as a boating access and bank fishing site.


Copper Creek


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  • July 1, 2024