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From the Diversity & Inclusion Program

In March, the agency submitted a progress report on the first two years of the DWR Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan to the Commonwealth’s Chief Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion Officer. There were five (5) recommendations from that report; some of which are currently being addressed within the agency:

Recommendation #1: The agency conducts a barrier analysis of the CPO recruiting and vetting process. (In process)

Recommendation #2: Establish an Exit Interview/Survey process where the data are analyzed and shared with the Director’s Working Group annually. (In process)

Recommendation #3: Establish a mentoring pilot program to invest in the success of newer hires, assist in the transfer of institutional knowledge, and further engage our more experienced employees. (DHRM has established a pilot in which DWR will participate)

Recommendation #4: Future training should consider a “live” component in the regions. Connectivity limitations in some parts of Virginia make virtual meetings a challenge and the cost of bringing participants to Richmond could prove prohibitive. (Under advisement)

Recommendation #5: The Outreach Division should publish a comprehensive calendar of all events that chronicle DWR participation and allow the public to know of DWR presence.  (Complete)

The full report can be found at Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan 2022-2026 (

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  • July 1, 2024