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Ft. Wool Flag Decommissioned

The DWR honor guard folding the Ft. Wool flag.

Photos by Lee Walker/DWR

The iconic American flag that flew at Ft. Wool and was visible from the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel was decommissioned on March 26. The flag, which was raised in 2007, flew day and night. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is creating a new habitat for the seabird colony that has been displaced by construction on the South Island of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel complex, which necessitated the flag’s removal.

The lights used to illuminate the Ft. Wool flag overnight would have caused a disturbance to and interfered with successful bird breeding on Ft. Wool. A DWR honor guard lowered the 20′ x 38′ flag, removed it from the 90-foot pole, and folded it with honors. The flag was given to the Hampton History Museum.

  • April 1, 2020