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Jigging for Summer Walleye & Yellow Perch at Virginia’s Little Creek Reservoir

When targeting walleye and yellow perch, it can pay dividends to focus your efforts on deep water during the dog days of summer in Virginia. In this report, Alex McCrickard, DWR Aquatic Education Coordinator, highlights tactics and techniques for locating and jigging on deep water late summer fish at Little Creek Reservoir. Alex explains the basics behind lake stratification and the importance of locating the thermocline when jigging for late summer fish. Scott Herrmann, DWR Fisheries Biologist, highlights the diverse fish assemblage at Little Creek Reservoir in addition to management strategies for walleye and saugeye. The walleye and saugeye fishery at Little Creek Reservoir has great trophy potential and could yield a state record saugeye in the coming years.

  • August 18, 2021