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Join DWR and Michael Waddell at the Green Top Outdoor Expo

By Molly Kirk

Come see the Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) at the Green Top Outdoor Expo at Green Top Sporting Goods in Ashland on October 1-2. In addition, hunting expert Michael Waddell, founder and co-host of the Bone Collector television series on Outdoor Channel, is looking forward to meeting fans when he attends.

“I’ve been to Virginia quite a bit for expos and hunting shows. I’ve also gone on vacation in Virginia and gone turkey hunting and loved it,” Waddell said. “Being from Georgia, I love that Virginia has that same kind of southern culture and hospitality. The terrain is similar, and it felt like home. The biggest thing for me is the people and the culture of the outdoorsmen there in Virginia. Everybody seems to be very laidback and conservation-minded in addition to the fact that they love to put a few of these animals in the back of the truck from time to time. You can tell that the conservation and management comes from a long history of hunting.”

DWR will be present with representatives and Conservation Police Officers, with information about hunter safety and at the VA Whitetail Trophy Clash, as well as the archery and backyard bass interactive exhibits. Waddell joins other outdoor and shooting experts like Jerry Miculek, Ward Burton, Omar Avila, Gary Quesenberry, Kip Campbell, and Shane Coley in conducting seminars during the Green Top Outdoor Expo. Waddell is looking forward to returning to the Expo, as he’s participated in multiple years before.

“The success Green Top has had as a retail outdoors store is a great example of entrepreneurship in the hunting and fishing space. It’s fun to be part of celebrating that, especially with the divisions we have in America,” Waddell said. “It seems like if you can get everyone around to talk about hunting and fishing, it puts everybody at ease, and it becomes focused on family and friends and hunting as a renewable resource. I really appreciate that at the Green Top Expo. There’s for sure some capitalism taking place, of course, but it’s really also a happy celebration of the outdoors culture. It’s a solid experience with a lot of diversity, but the common ground of talking about hunting and fishing and what the state has to offer.

  • August 4, 2022