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Officer Jessica Whirley Named 2014 Conservation Police Officer of the Year

Click to expand image of officer Jessica on new tabThe Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is proud to announce that Senior CPO Jessica Whirley has been named Conservation Police Officer of the Year, 2014.

Officer Whirley joined the DWR Law Enforcement Division in 2007 and was assigned to Cumberland County in Region II.  Jessica is an excellent investigator who always goes the extra mile, whether she is working a Wounded Warrior hunt, or using a hidden camera to catch a poacher committing wildlife crimes in Virginia.  Jessica has a great rapport with her community and loves to teach.  In 2014, Jessica combined her affinity for trapping with her desire to instruct and created the first ever DWR Trapping Workshop in her area.  By coordinating with the DWR Wildlife Bureau and the VA Trappers Association, Jessica was able create lesson plans and “hands on” stations that participants could rotate through during the class.  In addition to her normal duties as a CPO in District 24, Jessica is a DCJS Certified Criminal Justice Instructor and serves on the division’s Defensive Tactics Cadre.  Officer Whirley is also one of the division’s Field Training Officers, providing valuable instruction and insight to CPO Recruit Officers.

Jessica Whirley is an exceptional officer who always goes the extra mile in the performance of her enforcement duties.  She is not afraid of hard assignments and readily volunteers for special duties when called upon by supervision or management.  Jessica is a professional officer, both in appearance and deed.  Her hard work has established her as an enforcement leader in her district and in the region.  Jessica has an enthusiasm for the job that is infectious and has firmly established herself statewide as an outstanding Conservation Police Officer.

  • June 2, 2015