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Q2 Newsletter- Diversity and Inclusion

DGIF Impanels “Inclusive Excellence Council.”

In an effort to align with Gov. Northam’s “One Virginia” Plan to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across the Commonwealth’s agencies, DGIF has named 11 members of the workforce to serve as the Inclusive Excellence Council.  The duties of the DGIF Inclusive Excellence Council (IEC) and its members include (but may not be limited to):

  • Participating in the development of the agency’s Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan
  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of the strategic priorities listed in the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan
  • Advising on and coordinating activities that support and strengthen a climate of inclusive excellence within the agency
  • Advising members of the workforce regarding issues of diversity and climate within the agency
  • Providing updates on Council activities to their units and serving as a liaison regarding inclusive excellence
  • Periodically revising the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan as needed

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, George P. Braxton, requested that member’s of the Director’s Working Group nominate members of their respective divisions to serve on the IEC.  The members are:

DGIF Inclusive Excellence Council

George Braxton, Chair

Doreen Richmond, Finance

Karen Horodysky, Fisheries

Jeff Trollinger, Fisheries

Lester Brantley, Human Resources

Sgt. Mike Hill, Law

Officer Amanda Nevel, Law

Sgt. Jessica Whirley, Law

Melody McCormick, Outreach

Ron Hughes, Wildlife

Jaime Sajecki, Wildlife

“I look forward to working with the IEC in developing an agency where all employees can reach their full occupational potential and all constituencies feel welcomed to enjoy the outdoors,” said Braxton.

  • June 9, 2020