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Senior Officer Jason Honaker Named 2013 Conservation Police Officer of the Year

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (VDWR) is proud to announce Senior Officer Jason Honaker has been named Conservation Police Officer of the Year for 2013. Officer Honaker is a 25 year veteran of the force currently stationed in Scott County. He joined the VDWR in 1988 as an Officer in Appomattox County – a position which he held until 1996 before transferring to Scott County. In June 2011, he advanced to his current position of Senior Conservation Police Officer.

Throughout his career, Officer Honaker has continually sought to improve his effectiveness as a law enforcement officer through completion of numerous training and certification programs. He also uses his knowledge and abilities to instruct other law enforcement officers. Because of his accomplishments in the defensive tactics field, he has been appointed as the Chief Instructor for the Department of Wildlife Resources Defensive Tactics Cadre.

Officer Honaker consistently detects a high number of wildlife, fish and boating violations. He strives to fairly enforce the laws of the Commonwealth while promoting VDWR’s mission to preserve our natural recourses for future generations. “Officer Honaker is a tenacious investigator and a great officer,” said Colonel Ron Henry, Chief of the Virginia Conservation Police. “Whether he is writing a ticket for a violation or teaching a Kid’s Fishing Workshop, Jason always treats our citizens with dignity and respect. I am proud to formally recognize his dedication to our agency and profession.”

Honaker’s positive attitude and willingness to take on any task have made for successful, cooperative working relationships with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. He regularly works cooperatively with fellow conservation police officers, and wildlife and fisheries biologists, as well as other department personnel. His activities, with regularity, merit excellent performance evaluations from his supervisor.

Honaker has demonstrated a great dedication to his agency and community, taking leadership responsibilities of not only his fellow district officers, but also of training and search and rescue operations. He often works long hours and adjusts his work schedule to ensure district coverage. He is extremely active in his community and has coached the Scott County (Youth) Outdoor Team at the Hunter Education Championships in Appomattox since 1998. This year his team finished in first place overall. He is active in the planning of Virginia Wounded Warrior program events, as well as many other outdoor sports associated events.

Officer Honaker is an exemplary conservation police officer whose knowledge, professionalism and performance of duties have greatly benefitted the Commonwealth of Virginia and her citizens.

  • February 27, 2014