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Tim is Excited About Bloggers.

Hello world. See below for a simple draft example for a bio box for the end of the blogger blog on DWRs VBWT and WMAs and WCSs. It has been updated with a default iNaturalist user-specific widget to show an example of what it might look like.

Below the bio box is another default iNaturalist widget that is project-specific and set to list view + 10 observations.

Neither widget has been stylized beyond iNaturalist’s default options.

Explore the Wild with Meg Raynes

Meg Raynes is a hiker, traveler, photographer, and teacher.

If you would like to follow along as she explores the Virginia Bird and Wildlife Trail, then make sure to subscribe to DWR’s Notes From the Field newsletter.

You can see more of Meg’s plant and animal observations during her adventures by following her on iNaturalist.

Follow Meg on Instagram @meg.does.a.hike to see all of her wonderful photography.

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  • January 20, 2022