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Two Wild Game Appetizers Perfect for the Holidays

By Jonathan Bowman

Photos by Jonathan Bowman

Well the holidays of fall and winter are upon us, and hopefully you are like me with a freezer full of wild game. If not, don’t give up hope! There is plenty of time left in most game seasons.

Gatherings with family and friends provide a unique opportunity to expose (or some of my family might argue “subject”) people to new types and different preparations of wild game. It is my belief that our most effective tool for showing the importance and benefit of hunting/fishing is through the meals and community it produces.

I have two delicious and mostly simple recipes here that will bring smiles and invite stories of the hunt to be shared. I tried to include ingredients many people have around the holiday season, but most any grocery store in Virginia will carry these ingredients. You can also check back to last year’s archives to read about a few other appetizers I enjoy.

Best of luck out there the rest of 2022!

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  • November 30, 2022