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County/CityWaterbodyAccess AreaBarrier FreeTypeRampsCoordinatesMap
WytheNew RiverAustinvilleYesConcrete Ramp136.8538, -80.9184Map
Directions: From Austinville S. on Rt 69 to the River
GraysonNew RiverBaywoodNoRS036.6137, -81.0458Map
Directions: From Independent, Rt 58 East (6)
GilesNew RiverBluff CityYesConcrete Ramp137.3395, -80.7573Map
Directions: From Rt. 460 - exit onto Cord Dr., go 300' & turn left on Tannery Dr., go 200' & turn right on Thomas Rd., Access on left under bridge.
GraysonNew RiverBridle CreekNoConcrete Ramp136.5958, -81.2422Map
Directions: From Independence, Rt 58 West (1.8); L on Rt 711 (3.9)
CarrollNew RiverByllesby PoolYesConcrete Ramp136.7736, -80.9366Map
Directions: From the Town of Riverhill, N on Rt 739 to the River
MontgomeryNew RiverClaytor DamNoConcrete Ramp137.0885, -80.5789Map
Directions: Rt. 232-605 South (2) of Radford
GraysonNew RiverIndependenceNoGravel Access036.5722, -81.1524Map
Directions: From Independence, Rt 21 South to Rt 221 (3.2); L on Rt 700 (.5)
CarrollNew RiverIvanhoeNoShoreline Access036.8223, -80.9494Map
Directions: From Rt. 94 (S. of Ivanhoe), turn East on Rt. 658, follow under New River Trail, turn left into site.
GraysonNew RiverMouth of WilsonNoGravel Access036.5852, -81.3143Map
Directions: East of Mouth of Wilson; Intersection Rt 58 & 93
GilesNew RiverNarrowsYesRS037.3367, -80.8105Map
Directions: North of Narrows on Rt 649
GraysonNew RiverOldtownNoGravel Access036.6813, -80.9735Map
Directions: Rt 58 West; R on Rt 640 (Old Town Rd) (1); R on Rt 634 (1.3); L on Rt 641 (1.7)
PulaskiNew RiverPeppers FerryYesGravel Access137.1602, -80.5538Map
Directions: From Route 11 turn on Route 114 (Peppers Ferry Blvd.) 2.1 miles to access on the right
GilesNew RiverRich CreekNoConcrete Ramp137.3684, -80.8193Map
Directions: East of Rich Creek (.5) on Rt 460
GraysonNew RiverRiversideNoGravel Access036.6726, -81.0222Map
Directions: Intersection of Rt 94 & Rt 274, South of Fries
Radford (city)New RiverRiverview Park LandingNoConcrete Ramp137.1072, -80.5917Map
Directions: From West Main St. (east end of city), turn South on Cowan St., go about 400’, turn East on River St., follow to Ramp in Park.
GilesNew RiverSnidow Park LandingYesConcrete Ramp137.3147, -80.6426Map
Directions: In the Town of Pembroke take Snidow Road (Rt 623) south to bridge, L into Sindow Park
MontgomeryNew RiverWhitethorneNoConcrete Ramp137.1984, -80.5653Map
Notice:Please note that parking is only allowed in the DWR parking lot adjacent to the boat ramp. Because of safety concerns, parking on railroad property on the opposite side of the tracks is prohibited. DWR is working to secure additional overflow parking arrangements. Please respect private property and comply with posted regulations.
Directions: From Rt 460, Rt. 685 West (6.8); R on Rt 652 (.2); L on Rt 623 (1)
GilesNew RiverWhitt-RiverbendYesConcrete Ramp137.3202, -80.6822Map
Directions: From Rt. 460 - take Ripplemead exit, turn North on Rt. 636 (Ripplemead rd.), continue 1.4 mi. to Access on left.