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Lake Horsepower Limits

Note: While some lakes have unlimited horsepower, they may have speed limits. Most lakes not listed are “Electric Motors Only,” but a few small city or county lakes have “No Boat” regulations. Check local regulations.

Lake Limit
Anna unlimited
Back Bay unlimited
Bannister unlimited
Briery Creek 10HP
Buggs Island unlimited
Burnt Mills 12HP
Chesdin unlimited
Chickahominy unlimited
Claytor unlimited
Cohoon 10HP
Drummond 25HP
Emporia 10HP
Ft. Pickett Lakes 35HP
Flannagan unlimited
Gaston unlimited
Harrison 5HP
Kilby 10HP
Leesville unlimited
Lunga 10HP
Meade 10HP
Moomaw unlimited
North Fork Pound unlimited
Nottoway 10HP
Occoquan 10HP
Philpott unlimited
Prince 12HP
Sandy River 10HP
Smith (Virginia Beach) 12HP
Smith Mountain unlimited
Speight’s Run 10HP
South Holston unlimited
Western Branch 12HP