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Virginia Wildlife Feature Spotlight

Volume 78

Issue Number 3, May/June 2017:

Shifting Sands

Volume 78

Issue Number 2, March/April 2017:

On The Hunt For Virginia’s Breeding Birds

Volume 76

Issue Number 2, March/April 2015:

Yesterday’s Landscape

A journey through the woodlands of Virginia’s past.


Volume 76

Issue Number 3, May/June 2015:

Warming Waters Send Warnings

Can the native brook trout survive climate change?


Volume 76

Issue Number 2, March/April 2015:

From the Shadows

Wildlife biologists make the case for forest diversity, and zero in on the value of young growth.


Volume 75

Issue Number 6, November/December 2014:

Finding Common Ground

People from all walks of life came together to craft a management plan for Shenandoah Mountain.