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Hunters Willing to Help Landowners Manage Deer

Hunters play a very important role in managing deer populations in Virginia. In addition to helping support management by purchasing a hunting license, hunters have a direct impact on the deer management goals in Virginia by hunting and harvesting deer. Landowners urban, suburban and rural alike; often have issues with deer damaging their property. In many cases there are simply too many deer to accommodate the landowner’s goals for the property.

The Hunter Finder (H-Finder) application is the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources’ (DWR) initiative to help connect landowners that are looking for assistance managing wildlife on their property with qualified and experienced hunters. This application is a tool for landowners to identify and initiate communication with hunters that are willing to hunt on their property. Hunters enter their own information online and DWR acts only as a conduit for the list of hunters.

How Does the Program Work?

  • The H-Finder application is open to any properly licensed hunter 18 years of age or older.
  • Hunters interested in registering for the H-Finder database must first create an account and develop a hunter profile.
  • All information must be accurate. Inaccurate information listed in a hunter profile will result in deactivation of the hunter’s profile.
  • A hunter’s profile will be active until their current hunting license expires. Hunters will need to login to the H-Finder application and update their profile at least once a year to update their hunting license information to remain active in the system
  • After completing a profile, hunters wait to be contacted by a landowner who is interested in finding a hunter. Landowners will contact hunters by email.  A hunter’s personal information (name, address, phone number) is not provided to the landowner.
  • Completing a profile in the H-Finder application does not guarantee that a hunter will be contacted by a landowner or offered a place to hunt.


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