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Hunters for the Hungry

You can help make sure no one goes hungry by making a donation to Hunters for the Hungry, a non-profit that provides donated venison to people in need across Virginia. Since its founding in 1991, Hunters for the Hungry has provided more than 26.6 million servings of venison.

Make a Difference: Donate to Help Feed the Hungry

Hunters for the Hungry accepts thousands of pounds of deer each year; however, due to a shortage of funds to process and package the meat, they’re unable to accept thousands more. You can help bridge this gap by making a donation today—it’s not only tax-deductible, it also makes a big difference in the lives of many Virginians!

No contribution is too small! For every $45 received, Hunters for the Hungry can provide 50 pounds of lean red meat to people in need.