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Becoming a Hunting Mentor

How to Become a Hunting Mentor

DWR is looking for hunters age 21+ with at least 5 years of hunting experience, a clean background check with no game violations, and the right skills, knowledge, temperament and teaching ability to be an effective mentor.

After an application process that includes a background check, references and interview, Hunting Mentors are matched with adults for the purpose of building a mentor-mentee relationship that focuses on the needs of the new hunter.

Apply to Become a Hunting Mentor

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Benefits of Being a Hunting Mentor

DWR provides ongoing training throughout the year to support mentors and opportunities to use private land at no cost to facilitate teaching experiences in-the-field. These private lands are leased by DWR and conveniently located around Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Virginia Beach to provide greater access for educational hunting interactions.

Mentors will also receive a free 1-year Premium Membership to onX Hunt.

The Role of a Hunting Mentor

Hunting Mentors are encouraged to work with at least one new adult hunter for a full hunting season. DWR will assist with finding and matching you with a new adult hunter. After being matched, mentors should focus on understanding the new hunter’s goals and what barriers are preventing them from hunting on their own. Mentors should tailor their approach based on the individual’s needs and understand that a lack of confidence, knowledge, and/or skills are preventing them from being a consistent hunter.

Mentors need to be committed, dependable, provide reliable communication, and ensure interactions are safe and focused on education.

Target Audience

This program targets new adult hunters (18+) who do not come from a hunting family, do not have friends that hunt, have no or limited hunting experience, and who are motivated to learn on their own.

What Other Mentors Are Saying

I believe the greatest gift you can give someone, other than love, is knowledge. It is very satisfying for me to share my knowledge and experience with someone new to hunting in a setting where they can apply that knowledge to gain experience: in the field. And being there to share the sheer joy of someone harvesting their first game, and their sense of accomplishment of field-dressing the game, is priceless. It provides memories that will last two lifetimes: for the person being mentored and for the mentor.

— Ron Wormser, DWR Hunting Mentor since 2019