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Spring Turkey Hunting in Virginia

Virginia offers some of the best early season turkey hunting opportunities in the eastern region.

In addition to having over 2 million acres of public hunting land, Virginia’s spring hunting season lasts for five weeks, and has a three-bird bag limit.

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Where to Hunt Spring Turkey in Virginia

Whether it is National Forests, State Forests, or DWR’s Wildlife Management Areas, Virginia has many public accessible opportunities to hunt turkey this spring season. Learn more »

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How to Be Successful on Public Land

Is it truly possible to bag a bird on public land? Despite the negative reputation that public hunting land often receives, success on public land does exist if you are committed. Learn more »

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Fare Game: Wild Turkey Recipes

Need another incentive to go out this spring? Explore our ever growing collection of wild game recipes to turn your next harvest into a delicious meal. Learn more »

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Spring Turkey Hunting Regulations

Read on for the Virginia spring turkey hunting regulations and bag limits. Learn more »