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Become a Quail/Hunter Cooperator

quail-huntingWe need the help of Virginia’s quail hunters. We conduct a quail hunter cooperator survey annually that helps us keep track of hunter success, as well as the hatching dates and nesting chronology of wild bobwhites in Virginia. During its “hey day”, we had over 200 quail hunter cooperators. Today that number has fallen to fifty eight. We are in danger of losing this important survey. Please help us by becoming a quail hunter cooperator. All participants receive a free Virginia Wildlife Calendar and a report on previous surveys each year.

Cooperators are asked to report on each quail hunt via a reporting envelop. They are also asked to remove and include one wing from each quail harvested. They report on hunts whether quail are harvested or not. The postage is covered so there is no cost to participants. Each cooperator will receive between 5 and 50 quail wing envelops, one for each quail hunt they expect to go on annually. They are for wild quail hunts only and pen-raised quail should not be included.

To participate, send an e-mail to Marc Puckett at:, or call him at (434) 392-8328. We will need your name and full mailing address, plus the anticipated number of hunts you would need an envelop for. Feel free to call or e-mail with questions if you are unsure whether you want to help, or are unclear about anything. Thanks for your interest. Your assistance is vital to monitoring local quail populations and providing them with the assistance they need to thrive.