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Blackened Trout with Herbed Coconut Milk Rice

The coconut milk rice is the essential side dish that makes this recipe as delightful as it sounds. A sweet, creamy herb rice paired with slightly spicy fish. It’s very simple, as the fish only requires one two ingredients. This dish is also easily capable of being cooked at camp when you bring the fish from the fly line to the fire.


2 Trout Filets
Blackened Seasoning
1 cupJasmine Rice
1 canCoconut Milk
1 Lemon
3 tablespoonFresh Parsely
3 tablespoonFresh Thyme
Salt & pepper

How to Prepare

  1. Cook trout in skillet with butter over low-medium heat in olive oil and season with blackened seasoning
  2. While trout is cooking, prepare the rice. Cook rice according to directions, but replace the water with equal amount coconut milk. Bring rice to boil in sauce pan with coconut milk and reduce to simmer. Add the fresh herbs and cover with lid until rice is done cooking.
  3. Remove everything from heat and serve fish over rice. Garnish with lemon wedges.
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