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Chicken-of-the-Woods Faux Chicken Salad

Recipe by: Elaine Ingram

Serves: 2


1 cupchicken of the woods mushroom pieces cut into bite-sized pieces
1 tablespoonbutter
2 hardboiled eggs, chopped
½ cupchopped celery
1/3 cup chopped sweet onion
¼ cupmayonnaise
1 tablespoonlemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste

How to Prepare

Clean and prep as described above.  Cook over low heat about 10-12 minutes until mushrooms begin to appear dry. Seasonings of your choice may be added to mushrooms as they cook.

Combine cooked mushrooms, celery, onion, and chopped egg. Stir well, then add mayonnaise and lemon juice. Mix well.