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Deer Burger Taco Dip

Someone is always bringing the taco dip to every party. But are they bringing Venison taco dip? Made the traditional way, layered with every taco ingredient necessary except for the shell, it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser with a uniqueness feature of wild game. You can never go wrong with taco dip and you can never go wrong with venison. Venison taco dip is quintessential.


1 lb.Deer burger
2 Avocados, mashed
1 canBlack olives
1 packageTaco seasoning
1 canDiced tomatoes (large can)
2 cupShredded cheddar cheese
1 cupSour cream (or plain greek yogurt)
1 canRefried beans
Hot sauce (optional)
Shredded lettuce

How to Prepare

    1. In a skillet over medium heat with oil, cook burger in taco seasoning until brown.
    2. While burger is cooking, in a food processor, chop the can of tomatoes. Add hot sauce if you’d like.
    3. In a small bread dish (or large if for large party) layer half the beans on the bottom.
    4. Top with half the sour cream, then half the burger, one of the avocados, cheese and tomatoes.
    5. Continue to layer until all ingredients are used. Serve warm with tortilla chips.