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Dove Glazed with Yakiniku Sauce

Recipe by: Jonathan Bowman

I have seen a lot of variations out there for Yakiniku, and I didn’t have miso on hand, but since you probably don’t either I figured it was better to leave the miso out. The only ingredient you will need to grab from the Asian foods section of your grocery store is mirin (a type of cooking wine made from rice), which does add incredible flavors you won’t find in a bottle of white wine.

While I did not include bacon in this recipe, you could easily use this sauce to glaze bacon-wrapped doves as well. The sauce is delicious also for dipping, so you don’t necessarily have to glaze the meat while it’s cooking.


2 whole or halved doves
1 tablespoontoasted sesame seeds, whole
1 tablespoontoasted sesame seeds, ground
1 clovesgarlic
2 tablespoonmirin
2 tablespoonsugar
.25 cupsoy sauce
2 teaspoonsesame oil
.25 teaspoonfresh ginger
1 teaspoonred pepper flakes (optional!) or a spicy pepper from your garden

How to Prepare

Combine all sauce ingredients together in a bowl and stir until well mixed.

Heat your grill over medium/high heat, and grill the doves to desired doneness, leaving about 1 minute of cooking to be done. Usually about 4 to 8 minutes.

At the last minute, distribute the sauce evenly across the doves.

Remove from the grill and serve with chives and rice. Remember that you could also forgo glazing the meat and simply dip slices of the meat into the Yakiniku.