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Rabbit in Crockpot


2 rabbits, cut into serving pieces
salt and pepper
2 tablespoonvegetable oil
1 onion, sliced
1 tablespoonlemon juice
1 rounded teaspoon sugar
¼ teaspoonmace
1 bay leaf
2 sprigs parsley
1 cupport wine
2 tablespooncurrant jelly
2 tablespooncornstarch

How to Prepare

Season rabbits with salt and pep per. Heat oil in a heavy skillet. Brown rabbit and lightly brown onion. Transfer rabbit and onion to crackpot and add lemon juice, sugar, mace, bay leaf, parsley and port. Cover and cook on LOW heat for 8 to 9 hours. Remove rabbit and turn crackpot on HIGH heat. Add currant jelly to juice in pot and let melt. Dissolve cornstarch in an equal amount of cold water and stir into liquid in crackpot. Cook until slightly thickened. Return rabbit to crackpot and heat through. Serve gravy over rabbit. (Serves 4 to 5)