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Smoked Trout Dip

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smoker! Just read the ingredients for what you’ll need. If you don’t have the smoking oil, this recipe still tastes great without it. It’s the perfect appetizer or party side dish. It’s light and refreshing. This dip requires more than 2–3 filets if you’re making it for a larger crowd. Just keep adding ingredients as necessary to fulfill consistency and flavor. It’s simple and less stressful than trying to prevent the fish from flaking when it gets stuck to the bottom of the pan since we want it flakey!


2 Large Trout Filets
1 packageCream cheese, softened
1 packageGoat cheese, softened
3 tablespoonDill
1 cupChives
2 tablespoonGarlic Powder
2 Lemons
Smoke-flavored Infused oil
1 packageCrackers

How to Prepare

      1. Set cheeses out to melt to room temperature or pop in microwave for a few seconds before mixing to soften.
      2. In a skillet with butter, cook trout and shred. Season the trout with salt and pepper and smoked oil.
      3. Remove and put in a large bowl aside and allow to completely cool.
      4. Once cooled, add the cheeses and spices.
      5. Mix all ingredients until incorporated well. Place in fridge and allow to slightly cool.
      6. Serve with crackers.
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