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Venison and Chicken of the Woods Burgers

Recipe by: Elaine Ingram

Serves: 8


2 lb.ground venison
2 tablespoonprepared mustard
2 tablespoonsteak sauce
¾ cupchopped chicken of the woods wild mushrooms
½ cupchopped sweet onion

How to Prepare

Brush or soak away any visible dirt from the chicken of the woods mushroom and then chop into pieces approximately the size of peas. Sauté mushrooms in skillet to which 1 Tbsp. butter has been added. Cook over low heat about 6-7 minutes. They will continue to cook once added to meat. (If desired, add seasonings of your choice to mushrooms while they sauté.)

Combine mushrooms and onions with ground meat along with mustard and steak sauce. Form into eight patties.

Place on parchment-covered baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.