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Research Assistant Wildlife Division – CWD Monitoring Sample Collector

General Description:

This volunteer will collect deer heads from road-killed and hunter-harvested deer for examination to monitor for the presence of Chronic Wasting Disease. The volunteer will handle the deer heads according to established protocols, and deliver the heads as directed for testing.

Specific Duties:

  • Patrol designated district to collect deer heads from various locations
  • Liaison with VDWR staff, hunt clubs, VDOT, localities, and individuals to collect deer heads for testing
  • Follow established safety protocols to prepare deer heads for delivery and testing
  • Tag and record samples collected by date, location, individual… on forms provided by VDWR
  • Deliver heads to testing site
  • Follow established protocols to disinfect transport containers


  • Must be able to drive own or state vehicle to accomplish duties
  • Must be able to follow established procedure and protocols
  • Must be able to handle a dead animal and dismember as necessary for testing
  • Must be able to lift the weight of a deer head, and to drag a deer on occasion, to provide for volunteer safety along roadway collection site
  • Must have means to deliver deer head in a timely manner to the testing site
  • Must be able to follow road directions and locate specimens
  • Must be able to keep clear and accurate records


  • Orientation
  • Written protocols and procedures for proper handling of specimens
  • On the job training as needed