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Conservation Collaboration: North End Bag Co.

Meet the Maker

Introduce yourself. What do you do?

Aaron McLellan. Owner of North End Bag Co. I am a bag maker turned entrepreneur currently operating a bag making business in Virginia Beach.

What do you love about this trade?

I love designing and creating something that people need to depend on everyday. Working with my hands and creating brings fulfillment and purpose.

Why did you take on this project?

I love the outdoors, conservation and learning more about the outdoors. So working with DWR is a dream fulfilled.

Why is wildlife conservation important to you?

Some of my most happy, vivid and life changing memories in my life were in the outdoors on a boat, in the mountains or walking in the woods. Some of my fondest friendships were cultivated in the outdoors. Humans belong outdoors and our connection with it is more powerful than I think we understand. It’s almost magical. Conservation is important to me because I want the younger generations to experience life in the fullest way possible.

Give us an example of your perfect adventure outside.

A perfect adventure for me would involve getting away from the city. Whether by boat or in the forest, I like to get away from people and feel like we’ve gotten away. Then its all about discovery. Whether that is catching a fish or just seeing a new plant. Then there needs to be a little uncertainty. Maybe even a little danger. Like a little storm at sea. Or crossing a river. Maybe trying to get out of the woods before the sun goes down. Slowing down to see the natural world is what its all about.

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The Outdoors are Better Together

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