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Hunter, Trapper, and Angler Surveys

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) conducts a variety of surveys every year to engage with constituents on important topics related to hunting, trapping, and fishing. Harvest and effort information is critical for effective population management.

Some surveys collect information on harvest and effort from hunters, anglers, and trappers, while other surveys also collect information regarding human dimensions. Human dimensions research involves understanding how humans interact with their environment, as well as their preferences, attitudes, opinions, and behaviors towards natural resources management. It is important that we understand and integrate both the biological and social information, as it’s used to guide DWR’s management decisions and provides long-term trend data used for monitoring fish and wildlife populations. Participation in these surveys ensures that we have the data necessary to manage Virginia’s wildlife and inland fish to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.

If you have received an invitation to participate in a survey, please respond either by mail, email, or a link listed below. Some online surveys may require a login ID to access the survey, which will be found in your invitation.

Active Surveys

We are not collecting data for any surveys at this time.

For information or questions about any of our surveys, please contact