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Hunter, Trapper, and Angler Surveys

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources conducts multiple surveys every year to track hunting, trapping, and angling effort and harvest as well as collect information on attitudes and opinions of our constituents. This information is used to guide DWR’s management decisions and provides long-term trend data in monitoring of wildlife populations. The participation of hunters and anglers like you is vital to the success of this program and ensures that we have the data necessary to manage Virginia’s wildlife and inland fish to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.

The following surveys are currently ongoing, if you have received an invitation please respond either by mail, email, or follow the link below to complete the survey. Note: some online surveys may require a login ID to access the survey, which will be found in your invitation.

  • Fall 2019—Spring 2020 Hunter Survey – By invitation only. If you received an invitation, click on the following link. You will be prompted to enter the code that is on the postcard you received: Survey Link.
  • 2020 Virginia Bowhunter Wildlife Observation Survey:
  • Did You Receive an Email About a Virginia Fishing Study?
    The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources has contracted with Responsive Management to conduct a study on fishing participation in 2019 and 2020, as well as experiences, preferences, and interests regarding fishing in Virginia. The study entails the survey you receive by email, as well as a series of focus groups. DWR will use the information to improve fishing opportunities and resources in Virginia, and your answers are very important to this study. If you receive the email, please consider responding and participating in the study to assist the Department in better understanding fishing participation in Virginia, particularly over the past year. If you have any questions about the study, please contact Edward.Herndon@dwr.virginia.gov.

Thank you for your participation! For information or questions about any of our surveys, please contact surveys@dwr.virginia.gov.