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Trout Stocking Assistant

VFisheriesGeneral Description:

Assists Fisheries and Law Enforcement staff by stocking trout into streams and lakes.

Specific Duties:

  • Assists Hatchery personnel with delivery and stocking of trout into streams and lakes, as assigned.
  • Carries trout from the truck to the stream or lake in buckets or nets
  • Distributes trout along streams or in lakes as needed/directed
  • Assists with road safety
  • Must keep the assigned stocking effort confidential, in order to maintain the integrity of the unannounced stocking program, which ensures a fair opportunity for all anglers, and upholds the management objectives of the Fisheries Division stocking plan
  • Provide 2-4 hours, or more of service per stocking activity
  • Keep records and make reports as required
  • May be required/permitted to drive state vehicle during the course of operations (Requires written authorization from CWF Program Coordinator.)


  • Repeatedly lifting moderate to heavy buckets and nets (up to 50 lbs.) of fish
  • Hauling nets and buckets of fish over rough terrain to release sites
  • Climbing onto raised truck bed (may be slippery)
  • Available on week days and, on occasion, weekends
  • Willing to work in all weather conditions
  • Provide own clothing and footwear suitable to safely perform this position


  • Orientation
  • Safety Training
  • On-the-job training

Time Commitment:

  • Once a month to as often as a couple of times a week, depending on water conditions and other considerations
  • Seasonal — Fall through late Spring