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Hearthstone Lake

Important Notices for this Waterbody

Dam Repairs at Hearthstone Lake

Hearthstone Lake has a scheduled drawdown this coming fall and winter due to necessary repairs to the dam. Currently the drawdown is planned to begin in November. The lake will be refilled once construction is complete. Trout will not be stocked during the fall of 2018 or until construction and lake refill has been completed. Call the DGIF Verona Regional Office at 540-248-9360 for more information regarding the drawdown. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hearthstone Lake is a 7-acre impoundment in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests north of Stokesville. Hearthstone is managed for warmwater and coldwater angling opportunities. In the summer of 2000 Hearthstone Lake was drained to repair the water outlet structure. One benefit of this “draw-down” was that the U.S. Forest Service removed a sizeable amount of sediment that had filled the lake over the years. Removing the sediment should provide for better summertime trout habitat. In spring 2001 northern pike and yellow perch were stocked in the lake to provide a unique “cool-water” angling opportunity. In 2002 northern pike should be reaching 20 inches and providing anglers with some voracious strikes!

Maps & Directions

Access Hearthstone Lake off Forest Development Road (FDR) 101 from Route 718 north of Stokesville.

Map to Hearthstone Lake:




  • Trout are stocked from October through May
  • A trout license is required to fish these waters from October 1 through June 15.


Facilities include a primitive, boat launch and dirt parking area, and there is good bank access on the south side of the lake.

More Information

For more information, please contact:

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
517 Lee Highway P.O. Box 996
Verona, VA 24482
(540) 248-9360