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Lake Biggins

Lake Biggins is located within one of the oldest public parks in Newport News. The pond is located on approximately three acres of the 60 acre park. Lake Biggins provides a scenic area for anglers to try their luck while being close to urban areas of Newport News and Hampton. Fishing hours are daily from sunrise to sunset and vary according to the season.

For anglers interested in fishing some big water, the boat ramp to the James River is open 24 hours throughout the year. The James River Fishing Pier is a leased concession that provides shore bound anglers a decent opportunity to catch saltwater fish that migrate near the mouth of the James River.

Maps & Directions

Take Exit I-64 East at exit 263 west towards the James River Bridge. Mercury Blvd will take you down to Huntington Park. The park entrance is approximately 3.5 miles on the right just before you approach the James River Bridge. The park can also be entered from the Route 60 entrance.

Map to Lake Biggins




Lake Biggins used to be part of the DWR Urban Trout Stocking Program. The lake used to receive thousands of rainbow trout and brown trout from the Coursey Springs Fish Hatchery every November through March. The trout stocking program was discontinued on Lake Biggins due to a variety of reasons. Stocking efforts were relocated over to Armistead Pointe Pond in Hampton by the Boo Williams Sports Complex. The current fishery within Lake Biggins consists of bluegill, American eels, brown bullheads, eastern mosquitofish, and an occasional largemouth bass. The shallow nature of this lake and the excessive amounts of water primrose that typically line the shoreline put some severe limitations on the overall productivity of the system. Anglers should not expect to catch many larger fish from this lake. 

Biologist Reports

  • None available at this time.
  • Regulations

    Park regulations prohibit alcoholic beverages, swimming in non-designated areas, and littering.

    Vehicles must be parked in designated lots and pets must be leashed.

    All freshwater fish species fall under statewide general fish regulations.

    Refer to the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources Freshwater and Virginia Marine Resource Saltwater Fishing Regulation booklets for further information.

    Facilities, Amenities, and Nearby Attractions

    Huntington Park is the oldest public park in Newport News and offers visitors a variety of activities such as:

    • basketball
    • covered picnic areas
    • lighted tennis courts
    • softball fields
    • public boat ramps to the James River
    • Fort Fun playground for children
    • Fort Fun fishing pier
    • 700 foot long beach with concessions
    • formal rose garden
    • The Virginia War Museum

    More Information

    More Information

    To obtain additional Information on Lake Biggins, please call or write.

    Department of Wildlife Resources
    3801 John Tyler Memorial Highway
    Charles City, VA 23030
    Phone: (804) 829-6580 Ext: 126