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Trashmore Lake

Don’t be deterred by the name of this lake, because it produces some excellent fishing. The lake was named after the Virginia Beach Park where it is located. The park takes its name for the large mountain of compacted trash, which has been covered over with soil and seeded. Lake Trashmore is a fairly deep, 52-acre lake, with a sharp, sloping bottom.

Maps & Directions

Lake Trashmore is located within Mount Trashmore City Park in Virginia Beach off the Virginia Beach Expressway (Route 44).

Fishing Opportunities

The lake offers fishing for largemouth bass, sunfish, and white perch. Carp fishing can be good at times, with 5 to 10 pound fish common.


Lake Trashmore is open year-round to fishing around the entire shore except from the old boat rental docks. Boat rentals are not presently available. Private boats are prohibited. No permit or fee is required. Like all lakes in this area, it is closed after sunset.


The park has picnic shelters, grills, restrooms, playgrounds, trails, and a concession.

More Information

For information call 757-473-5237.