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Wildlife Damage Inspector

VProgramGeneral Description:

The Wildlife Damage Inspector meets with landowners to perform site inspections of property, crops and other vegetation, for evidence of wildlife damage. The Inspector issues Official Kill Permits as required by law, and offers advice to landowners on ways to mitigate or prevent damage when possible.

Specific Duties:

  • Coordinates with VDWR staff to receive assignments for site visits
  • Coordinates with landowners to set appointments and perform site inspections
  • Inspects crops and other vegetation for evidence of wildlife damage
  • Issues Official Kill Permits in accordance with Virginia law, and VDWR policies and procedures
  • Completes required forms and disburses as directed
  • Liaisons with District Conservation Police Officers to make them aware of current permit holders and permit locations
  • Collects necessary data at expiration of each permit issued, and forwards to VDWR staff as directed
  • Attends orientation and training (both classroom and on the job) as provided
  • Communicates with VDWR staff, landowners, and other citizens on issues related to wildlife damage and permit issuance


  • Must provide own transportation and/or be eligible to operate a state vehicle, if available
  • Must be able to use maps, GPS, or directions to locate inspection sites–familiarity with work area is a plus
  • Must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  • Must be able to work cooperatively with VDWR staff and landowners
  • Must be able to recognize the absence or presence of wildlife damage, and discern the type of animal involved
  • Must be reliable and punctual in making and keeping appointments for site inspections


  • Orientation
  • Wildlife Damage Inspector Training
  • On the Job Training with local VDWR staff

Time Commitment:

This position requires regular and frequent availability, from April through September, preferably on a weekly basis.