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Virginia Bowhunters Needed For Wildlife Survey

The Department is seeking assistance from Virginia bow and crossbow hunters to report their wildlife observations while hunting during the early archery season (October 5 – November 15, 2019). Participants can either download a survey form or submit their data online. Interested hunters can also request that survey materials be mailed to them by sending their mailing address to

Observational data submitted by Virginia bowhunters for this annual survey is used to monitor long-term changes in the abundance of wildlife populations and also provides valuable information on buck-to-doe ratios and fawn survival of white-tailed deer. Last year, 230 bowhunters recorded the animals they observed while spending 11,074 hours afield. The Department would like to increase the sample size of this survey to make the results even more meaningful. If you enjoy archery hunting during the early special season, please consider helping us collect information to better manage Virginia’s wildlife populations.

  • October 2, 2019