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Richmond Falcon Cam

Walk About

  • May 26th, 2010
An image of the three young falcons; they have become mobile and started to wander around the nest

The three young falcons in Richmond have become mobile.  As in past years, the young have left the box and begun to explore the ledge.  The ledge is fairly extensive and the young may at times be out of view, but all three are accounted for.  The adult falcons have access to entire ledge and will continue to feed and care for the young birds.

There are several locations where the chicks can find shade throughout the day.  Although able to move about the ledge the birds are not yet agile enough to jump up on the rampart surrounding the ledge.

DWR biologists will access the ledge on June 1st (weather permitting) to band the young birds and put the flight pen in place.  The pen provides a secure location that prevents early fledging of these young birds.  The adults are still able to feed the young and they have room to stretch their wings and the develop the strength and coordination that will be needed for their first flight.

The pen allows us to ensure that the chicks development is complete and that they are ready for their first flight.  The pen door is opened remotely the progress of the bird’s first flight will be monitored by DWR biologists and volunteers.