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Richmond Falcon Cam

Learning Fast

  • June 23rd, 2010

This morning at approximately 8:00am DWR personnel found all three young falcons perched atop the McGuire Woods building in downtown Richmond.  The young birds dispersed to various perches around the downtown area.  All of the juveniles demonstrated excellent flying abilities today with a number of strong flights.  The young birds are beginning to master soaring and more importantly – landing!  The reflective glass windows seemed to be less of a challenge today.  Both of the adults were seen throughout the day as well.

At about 12:30pm the adult male was seen transferring prey to one of the fledgling in mid-air; an impressive first step in these young birds learning to hunt for themselves.  Now that the birds have demonstrated that they are able to sustain flight and safely navigate the downtown area our official Fledgewatch activities will draw to a close.  DWR will remain in contact with local observers and track the progress of these three falcon fledglings.

Our thanks to the dedicated volunteers who persevered in the heat and to the local local building managers who allowed us access to strategic viewing locations.