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Richmond Falcon Cam

Still No Flight

  • June 18th, 2011

DWR biologists were on hand at daybreak today, hoping to catch the young falcons first flight.  A couple of hours later additional DWR staff were joined by a dedicated volunteer.  Throughout the day we watched several bouts of vigorous wing flapping and the chick spent most of the day perched on the ledge.

The adults attempted to coax her off the ledge, swooping low towards her and circling nearby in an apparent attempt to lead by example.  The adult female even tried to tempt her by bringing in a meal and pulling its away.  All to no avail as today was NOT the day that this chick would take flight.  Just before 6 pm, as steady rain, lightening and thunder rolled through downtown Richmond, Falconwatch activities were called off for the evening.

Over the weekend DWR staff will coordinate with volunteers keeping an eye on this hesitant young bird.