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Richmond Falcon Cam

Waiting and watching

  • June 19th, 2011

Throughout the day yesterday a variety of monitors, including DWR staff and volunteers kept watch waiting for the young falcon’s first flight.  At one point the young bird did perform a short “hop-flight” above the ledge, becoming airborne for a few feet.  Despite this tantalizing display – her first flight did not occur yesterday.

The adults did their best to encourage her, circling, calling and tempting her with food all to no avail.  The photo below shows the chick mantling (hunching over prey with spread wings – hiding it from any other predators) over food while the adult female looks on. An image of a chick mantling "hiding prey" whilst his mother looks out at the city

We will continue to communicate with observers on the ground and provide any updates as to the young falcon’s status.