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Richmond Falcon Cam

Pen Removal Update

  • June 27th, 2012

Yesterday morning DWR biologists accessed the ledge in order to remove the pen that had housed the falcon chicks prior to their fledging.  We were met with consistent aggression by the falcon pair, and when one of the juvenile females began joining in the attacks, we withdrew from the ledge so as to avoid potential injury to the young falcon through collision with the building.  Prior to leaving, we were able to remove the wooden roof and collect the gravel and the actuator used to remotely open the pen door (see June 5 post ‘Opening doors’).  Removal of the actuator, which could be potentially damaged by wet weather, was the reason that we accessed the ledge earlier than we have in the past.   We will complete removal of the pen in a few weeks, when it is anticipated that the birds will be less territorial.