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Richmond Falcon Cam

FledgeWatch Concluded

  • June 18th, 2014

It was a day that was even hotter than yesterday, but that did not preclude DWR personnel and a dedicated volunteer from observing some good bouts of flying from the two juveniles.  The juvenile with the yellow tape was spotted this morning on the ledge of her natal building, though far from the nest box.  This bird was seen flying on a number of occasions, at one point making a somewhat precarious landing on the letter ‘e’ of the signage on the side of one building.  Although she partially slid behind the letter, suspended by her wings and with her legs dangling below her, she righted herself into a proper perching stance within a few seconds.  Initial concerns that she may have injured her wing were allayed when she later flew strongly and decisively.  Her sibling likewise was seen in flight several times.  During the monitoring we also observed the adult female presenting one of the juveniles with a whole prey item on a roof top, which the juvenile proceeded to pluck and then consume out of sight.  With both juveniles accounted for and flying well, we are pleased to declare this year’s falcon breeding season an all-around success, and to officially close the FledgeWatch monitoring period.  As the young falcons will remain in the area for several weeks, we may receive additional reports and will post items of interest.  Once again, thanks to all volunteers who participated this year!