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Richmond Falcon Cam

Pen Removal

  • July 31st, 2014

This morning we disassembled the pen, cleaned out the nest box and filled it with fresh gravel.  We also made adjustments to the position of the camera in order to enable better future viewing of some of the perch sites that are used by the falcons on nearby buildings.  At one point the adult female flew by us, landing on the west-facing sign of the Bank of America building, and was joined shortly after by the adult male.  In addition to finding prey remains inside the nest box, we found many in a section of the ledge on the west-facing side of the building, out of view of the camera.  This appears to act as an area where prey are processed, consumed and cached by the adults.  Among the remains we identified several yellow-billed cuckoos, two common grackles, a blue jay and a blue grosbeak.


adult falcon pair on ‘O’ (female) and ‘R’ (male) of sign