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Richmond Falcon Cam

2 Weeks Old

  • May 13th, 2015

Today the falcon chick is 2 weeks old. Over the last week we have observed that the chick has grown its second coat of down and been brooded less and less. Although much of its day is still spent sleeping, the chick has become more active: it’s been seen stretching its legs and wings,  preening, and moving about the nest box. The chick’s bill and feet also appear to be developing well. In the coming weeks, the falcon chick will develop its wing and tail quill feathers and its wing flapping ability will strengthen.

A note about the unhatched eggs:

You may have noticed that only one of the unhatched eggs remains in the nest. Late in the evening on May 11ththe female falcon was observed eating one of the mottled eggs in its entirety. Presumably, this is also what happened to the unhatched brown egg which was first observed to be missing on May 6th.  Normally, unhatched peregrine falcon eggs will remain in the nest or are eventually crushed and broken into pieces. However, sometimes the adults do eat them, as was observed in this particular instance.