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Richmond Falcon Cam

5 Days Old

  • May 4th, 2015

Today the peregrine falcon chick is 5 days old and appears to be developing on schedule. Five days after hatch the chick looks to have doubled in size, is sitting up relatively well, and its open eyes have become more rounded. As is usual for very young chicks, it has been spending much of its time dozing and sleeping.

Female falcon shelters five day old chick under her wing

Female falcon shelters five day old chick under her wing

At this point, it is unlikely that any of the remaining 3 eggs will hatch. It has been over 120 hours since the first hatching. A typical 4 egg clutch usually hatches synchronously (within 24-48 hours). Although hatches taking up to 8 days have been observed in peregrine falcons, the status of the remaining 3 eggs in this clutch suggests that another hatch will not occur.

Over the next few days the falcon chick should begin to start growing a second coat of down. Brooding and feeding of the chick will continue to be done predominantly by the female falcon, though  the male has begun to take a role in some of the  feeding as seen  in the beginning of the video below.